X-ray tomosynthesis

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Breast Tomosynthesis

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See the Basic Breasts page for more information about every breasts.

3-D Mammogram (Breast Tomosynthesis) in Houston

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Authors: Mr Ben O’Sullivan* Prof Stacy Goergen * What is a plain radiograph/X-ray? Radiography is the imaging of body structures, or parts of the body, using X-rays. X-Ray Lady Company is not responsible for the failed result of someone attempting to complete a test without any or incorrect reading materials.

Introduction to Breast Tomosynthesis, Breast Density, and Breast Cancer Risk (12 Category A CE Credits). Tomosynthesis: Tomosynthesis is a special kind of mammogram that produces a 3-dimensional image of the breast by using several low dose x-rays obtained at different angles.

For tomosynthesis, the breast is positioned and compressed in the same way as for a mammogram but the x-ray tube moves in a circular arc around the breast. Breast tomosynthesis, also called three-dimensional (3-D) mammography and digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT), is an advanced form of breast imaging, or mammography, that uses a low-dose x-ray system and computer reconstructions to create three-dimensional images of the breasts.

Breast tomosynthesis aids in the early detection and diagnosis of. Tomosynthesis, which is a medical term formed by combining the terms tomography and synthesis, is a technology used to create coronal section images from a series of X-ray images.

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X-ray tomosynthesis
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