Write array to log file php

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How to Print & Write Array to File Output in PHP

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Basic PHP File Handling — Create, Open, Read, Write, Append, Close, and Delete

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Specifies the context of the file. Write to a log file with PHP. Last update on As I caught myself in process of writing PHP “log” function several times I have finally decided to create a simple Logging PHP class. After Logging class initialization, first call of lwrite method will open log file implicitly and write line to the file.

Every other lwrite will use. One could use error_log function but even that makes you go to your log file and then see the output. Of course, browser needs to support/have the console so that code result is output there. Of course, browser needs to support/have the console so that code result is output there.

Sep 30,  · Warning: The debug log file can contain private information such as login credentials, session cookies, and values of submitted forms.

If this information is publicly accessible, attackers can use it to hack and compromise your machine and user account. When outputting the content data of array to a file in PHP, simply pass the data variable of array type to file_put_content() or fwrite() function to write the data to the file may not return the desired [ ].

Write array to log file php
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