Sharing responsibilities during disaster

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Disasters and Emergencies

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Contingency Planning

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The Role of Educators in Public Health Emergencies

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Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act

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are assigned responsibility under one or more of those functional areas. Some or all of During emergency situations, the Director is responsible for overall leadership, Defense Health Resources Sharing and Emergency Operations Act.

5 reasons why people share fake photos during disasters

Public LawRobert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act. Across the country, there is state-specific legislation which protects both the tenant and landlord rights and responsibilities.

The authors review lessons learned from several recent public health emergencies and argue that we must conduct research during emergencies to improve our capacity to prevent illness and injury.

Mental Health in Haiti: Beyond Disaster Relief

We hope you won't ever need it, this start-to-finish guide to handling disasters will help you remember what you should really do during an emergency and afterwards to recover as quickly as possible.

During a natural disaster or other emergency, such as a terrorist attack, the primary role of Minnesota’s Environmental Health system is to provide services essential for protecting and ensuring the well being of the people in affected areas, with an emphasis on prevention and control of disease and injury.

Sharing responsibilities during disaster
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