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Dec 08,  · Onto QAT1, Quantitative Analysis for Business. In my prior post I mentioned that this course’s reputation is certainly unnerving. 6 CU’s of total hell? We will see. Table in the attached “QAT1 Task 4 Spreadsheet” shows three estimates of the time it will take Company A to complete each of the project activities in the customer feedback system project: optimistic, probable, and pessimistic.

According to the information provided, Trinity Hospital (TH) wants an efficient and esthetically beautiful facility. The primary purpose of the building, other than increasing revenue, is to facilitate convenience for hospital patients, staff, and clinicians.

QAT1 Task 1 A1: Average materials cost per unit: Showing both the Monte Carlo simulation and cost analysis with just probability. Average material cost per unit using cost and probability only.

Mathematics - QAT1 Task 1, Reports

Average material cost per unit = (33 * ) + (35 * ) + (38 * ) + (39 * ) = $ Monte Carlo simulation using given random numbers.

Qat1 wgu
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