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Lyrical Ballads

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The Prelude

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He argues that literary tricks and devices such as personification make it difficult for writers and readers to. In his 'Preface' to the edition of the Lyrical Ballads, Wordsworth presented his poetic manifesto, indicating the extent to which he saw his poetry, and that of Coleridge, as breaking away from the 'artificiality', 'triviality' or over-elaborate and contrived quality of eighteenth-century poetry.

The second edition of Lyrical Ballads appeared in two volumes in in Wordsworth's name alone. In the anonymous edition, there had been a mere "advertisement" to orient the reader to the poems; inthe famous "Preface" took its place. The Preface to the Lyrical Ballads is an essay, composed by William Wordsworth, for the second edition (published in Januaryand often referred to as the " Edition") of the poetry collection Lyrical Ballads, and then greatly expanded in the third edition of First published: Aug 03,  · Wordsworth Preface to the Lyrical Ballads, The chief aim in the composition of poems in the Lyrical Ballads has been to choose ‘incidents and situations from common life’ and to relate them in a selection of language really used by men, and at the same time throw over them a colouring of imagination, whereby the ordinary things would be presented to the mind in an Author: English Literature.

The preface to Lyrical Ballads was written to explain the theory of poetry guiding Wordsworth’s composition of the poems.

Wordsworth defends the unusual style and subjects of the poems (some of.

Preface to lyrical ballads
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Preface to Lyrical Ballads