Epicurean vs stoic moral theory

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Stoic V. Epicurean: The Battle of Moral Theories

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[This is one view] cyclical conflagrations and re-creations; no real beginning, no final end, only a continuous flux of elements. Essay on Epicurean vs Stoic Moral Theory Epicureanism moral theory is based upon achieving a life where pleasure is considered the greatest good.

Pleasure is sought after and achieved through the removal of physical pain and mental worries. Difference between Stoics and Epicureans: – From the conquests of Alexander the Great, Greece started began its greatest cultural expansion in history.

All the ideal, knowledge and Greek values were made known in other regions and cultures totally different. Nevertheless, Epicureanism also made a valuable contribution to moral philosophy.

It gave the lie to Stoic pride. Above all -- and precisely because pleasure is a good by superaddition, a luxury -- it preserved better than Stoicism did the element of luxury and artistic superabundance which is indispensable to human life and culture.

Epicureanism holds pleasure, primarily in the form of tranquility or absence of pain, to be the chief good. Stoicism holds virtue, or living according to reason, to be the sole good. Epictetus: Stoicism versus Epicureanism. Often criticisms of Epicurean philosophy merge with more general criticisms made against those who treat pleasure as the goal of life.

In the time of Zeno, the founder of Stoicism, this probably began with attacks against the Cyrenaic school of philosophy, and later expanded to encompass the.

Epicureanism and Stoicism compared Epicurean vs stoic moral theory
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