A lab experiment acetylation of ferrocene

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Heat with swirling, and then wake a hot filtration to developing the decolorizing raindrop. Transfer the moon slurry to a vastly test tube. Binding the reaction mixture onto 2 or 3 boards of ice in a mL beaker, then do the flask with two 5 mL profs of ice wasting. Title: Acetylation of ferrocene: A chromatography experiment for elementary organic laboratory: Authors: Bozak, Richard E.

Publication: Journal of Chemical Education. friedel-crafts acetylation & column chromatography The purpose of this experiment is to acetylate ferrocene, an aromatic compound, and to purify the product mixture, which will contain both mono- and di-acetylated ferrocene.

Lab 4: Friedel-Crafts Reaction: Acetylation of Ferrocene \n Objective \n. This experiment features on electrophilic aromatic substitution reaction. In this reaction an electrophile replaces a hydrogen atom in an aromatic compound forming a new carbon-carbon bond. \n \n Background Information \n.

Acetylation Of Ferrocene Experiment #7 Introduction In this lab we will be utilizing the Friedel Crafts process of acetylation of ferrocene.

Essay/Term paper: Acetylation of ferrocene

Ferrocene is an atom of iron bounded by two aromatic. Include the TLC plates for the mixture, ferrocene, and acetylferrocene. Calculate the Rf values for all three. These data should go in your results tables.

Comment briefly on this procedure and the quality of the separation. Obtain infrared spectrum of ferrocene. Actual yield from g of acetyl ferrocene obtained: g of acetyl ferrocene × = x mol acetyl ferrocene Our actual yield is therefore x moles of product.

% yield = × = % yield Our obtained melting point for crude ferrocene should be expected to be as such%(22).

A lab experiment acetylation of ferrocene
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